Spike TV - Nature Girls-Carrie LaChance

Spike TV - Nature Girls

Spike TV

Spike TV - Video Zonkers
July 03, 2007

Just a pair of typical nature girls out for a hike in their latex mini dresses and stiletto pumps. Nothing unusual about that. But what is crazy is what's about to happen to them.

Let's take a quick quiz. Will they A: Start making out? B: Get axe murdered? C: Make out then get axe murdered? Or D: Get caught in quicksand? Believe it or not, it's D. Very surprising for such a pair of seasoned hikers. I didn't even think there was such a thing as quicksand. It sure isn't very quick. But it is true that thing they say, the more you struggle the harder it is to get out. Just like algebra class. Just like women's underwear.

Spike TV - Nature Girls

If I was them I would just stand still until I was chest deep and then float to safety on the buoyancy of my prodigious chest. And then I'd start making out with myself like crazy.

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