WMTW News 8 - Maine Business Struts It's Stuff - Carrie LaChance

WMTW News 8 - Maine Business Struts It's Stuff

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It's about as far away from church as you can get. Today we told you about a new store that steaming things up on Water Street in Augusta. It's called ArchEnemys, and it's selling things like latex dresses, lingerie, and stiletto heels. And today, some residents got their first look at the racy merchandise and the unusual way it's being advertised.

Carrie LaChance says, "Right now we have a lot of latex clothing which is when I'm wearing right now. It's very it's tight, it's shiny it looks very good on the body." That's exactly what these bodies we're modeling tonight at the grand opening of ArchEnemys Augusta. That's not all the store sells. "We have a lot of high heels we have thigh-high boots we have a lot of different things."

Carrie LaChance is co-owner of the store. She says one way she hopes to move her merchandise is by putting it on real people instead of just mannequins. We're going to be having live models in our windows, helping customers they're going to be in the store. It's probably going to be as of right now it can be this Fridays and Saturdays.

Another similar store on Water Street, Spellbound, also used that marketing tool. The critics called it to risque spellbound shut down a year ago. Nate LaChance says his store is different I think our store reflects exactly what we're going to do in a good, tasteful manner. But he says just like anything, there will be people that don't agree. I think we're going to get some negative comments about it, but I think most of it's going to be pretty positive. That's what we've seen so far.

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