About Me

Carrie LaChance

Carrie Lachance is a professional model, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.  She has appeared in Maxim, Playboy, Fox News, Spike TV, and more.  She's been called "a walking talking billboard," and with her global fan base totaling over 3 million, it's easy to see why.  Her refined use of social media and ever-growing online popularity has propelled Carrie from an internet model to a celebrity household name. 


I grew up in the small town of Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.  With a population of fewer than 4000 people, it brings new meaning to the term small-town girl. Like many young women, I had dreams of becoming a model and actress. In 2003, shortly after graduating from high school, I attended beauty school to become a licensed Cosmetologist.  To make ends meet, I juggling multiple jobs as a cashier, hostess, telemarketer, and pizza delivery driver.

One night, while working at a local restaurant, I met a photographer who wanted to shoot with me.  I realized this could be the opportunity I was searching for, and eagerly scheduled my first shoot that same day.  Many shoots followed, and I realized my modeling career had just begun.

I started incorporating my love for fashion and heels into all my photoshoots.  I developed a passion for crazy high heels with a unique pin-up style, which ultimately formed the foundation of the Carrie LaChance brand.

In 2006, I became co-owner of ArchEnemys Studios, the same production company that introduced me to the modeling world.  With my career steadily improving, I discovered that I had quite the knack for branding and marketing.  So in 2008, I launched my official website CarrieLaChance.com and production studio High Heel Productions LLC.

In 2019 I launched Luxe My Body, a clothing line focusing on luxurious hosiery and Italian made high heels.

In 2021 I launched Bombshell Influencers, a website development company specializing in influencers management and creating subscription platforms for popular social media influencers.

💕XOXO - Carrie LaChance