Canvas Rebel - Meet Carrie LaChance

Canvas Rebel - Meet Carrie LaChance

We recently connected with Carrie LaChance and have shared our conversation below.

Carrie, looking forward to hearing all of your stories today. Alright – so having the idea is one thing, but going from idea to execution is where countless people drop the ball. Can you talk to us about your journey from idea to execution?

I launched my own subscription site in 2007, and in 2020 I had the idea of scaling the business model and offering other popular content creators an alternative way to earn money on their own website like I had been doing myself since 2007. I got together an amazing team, and we started brainstorming and putting things into action. I wanted something unique, something that was premium, and something that hadn’t been done before to set us apart from competitors. I used all of my past experience in tech and website development to propel things forward quickly and we launched in June 2021 offering creators their very own website domains so they could maintain the brand reputation they desired. Creators get to build their own social environment to communicate with followers and make money at the same time with unique features. After only a few short months, our concept proved to be extremely successful. So despite the pandemic, I launched Bombshell Influencers as well as my other company Luxe My Body (luxury hosiery and heels) in 2021.

Bombshell Influencers - Carrie LaChance

Carrie, love having you share your insights with us. Before we ask you more questions, maybe you can take a moment to introduce yourself to our readers who might have missed our earlier conversations?

My name is Carrie LaChance, I have been a business owner, model, and social media influencer for the past 17 years. My journey began in 2004 when I met my future business partner and husband Nate LaChance. Together, we became pioneers of content driven subscription based platforms, similar to what has become so popular today. I was one of the first models to build my own successful subscription platform and we wanted to find a way to share this experience with other content creators. We wanted to provide creators with their own platform that would allow them to focus on their own brand, not somebody else’s.

I always hated working for other people, and I’ve always been extremely persistent ever since I was a child. My friends and family describe me as hard working, attention to detail, caring, humble, and empathetic. I’ve always wanted to help other people ever since I was a kid, so when the time finally came that I could launch Bombshell Influencers and give me the ability to help other creators, I was very satisfied. The main concept behind Bombshell Influencers is to offer popular social media creators a platform where they can express themselves without all of the standard rules that are so strict today. I wanted to provide a way for creators to finally be able to monetize their fanbase in a classy, unique way like no other. Another important point that I wanted to offer creators was the freedom to have their own domain and control over their branding. Most popular platforms out there today force creators to always talk about the “company” brand, which I felt distracted from their own brand. We offer creators customizable features such as private messaging, pay-to-view content, tiered subscriptions, paid messages, live streaming, paid audio/video calls, creator store, fans tips and many more features.

I’m most proud of the hard work and dedication that my team and I have put into Bombshell Influencers to create a premium product that is extremely valuable to other creators in such a short period of time. All of my past experiences and business ventures (failed and successful) over the past 17 years has led me to Bombshell and I’m very happy with the progress we have made. I’m excited for the future and how we can help grow and expand the business into other avenues such as social media management, brand endorsements, and tons of other creative ideas.

Bombshell Influencers - Carrie LaChance

We are almost done with building our new content creation house located on the lake in Dallas TX area where we will be hosting creators for professional photo shoots, creator parties, content creation weekends and more. More news to come soon.

Is there mission driving your creative journey?

My goal is to offer creators the freedom to express themselves the way they want to and allow them to have their own website domain so they have more control. So many platforms out their today don’t give creators enough say in how they are marketed. With Bombshell, we even allow our creators to suggest ideas for features they want on the site. The most recent feature we are launching is a store so creators can sell their own products to fans in a safe and controlled environment.

Any advice for growing your clientele? What’s been most effective for you?

Sometimes in this industry, creators are not “heard” or “seen” and I never want any of our creators to feel that way with Bombshell. So to answer your question, the most successful strategy in growing our clientele is to offer creators an environment they feel heard and listened to and to take action on what they share. Also, giving creators the ability to give input on what they would like for new features on their website is something we pride ourselves on as well.

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