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Kennebec Journal - Live Window Models

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AUGUSTA - Live female models are returning to water Street, and they will be wearing well, something. On Saturday, a former comic book store known as wallcrawler is reopening as our ArchEnemys, a shop specializing in latex stresses, stiletto heels, and racy lingerie. Young women calling themselves archangels, will model fashions in the windows of the renovated storefront at 182 water Street. It's just a year since the closing of spellbound across the street, a lingerie business that also used scantily clad models and attracted a flurry of media and other attention, including criticism that the display was too risque.

Models Carrie LaChance and Danielle McQuillan

Archenemys, a pun on the arch of your foot, and doesn't use the word sexy and it's advertising but the wall posters of women in various poses and the fancy red, pink and black undergarment suggests that the merchandise is about looking sexually provocative.

"Augusta may not be ready, but we're ready." Said Carrie LaChance, 21, co-owner of the business with husband Nate, and herself one of the archangels. A poster of her wearing a black bikini and sprawled across the front of a yellow sports car hangs on the wall.

Nate LaChance, 37, is the photographer. He met his future wife when she agreed to model for him. "It's going to be quite a wild ride". He said, referring to their business venture.

Carrie LaChance, a Dover-Foxcroft native, said she attended cosmetology school and worked in a salon for 9 months. "The life that I am living now is so much more exciting". She said, "modeling is my true passion."

All of our models are highly trained, "she said "They're very professional, very classy." She said, "Archenemys isn't about pornography." "we're close to the edge, but we haven't crossed it. Once you do, you can never go back.

"Her sister archangels are Danielle McQuillan of Winthrop, Shana Ferguson of Waterville, and Brittany Prescott of Ellsworth. Models will not be nude, LaChance said.

Kennebec Journal - Live Window Models
"It's all about the clothes and footwear," said LaChance, who was wearing a clingy black latex dress in very high heels. "It's not just about stuff to wear in the bedroom.

"Peter Thompson, president and chief executive officer of the Kennebec valley chamber of commerce, said Thursday he hadn't heard about the return of live models to water Street. "I hope it's a business that presents itself in a manner that is going to be acceptable to people," he said, adding that if it attracts more people to shop downtown, that would be good news.

Nate LaChance acknowledged that "people aren't really used to this sort of thing".

Nate LaChance, who grew up in Winslow, said his business is a dream for him after working as a landscaper, drywaller, disc jockey, and bouncer.

Do family members like what he's doing? Mostly, he said. But his late father, ex-marine in Vietnam veteran James LaChance, was skeptical for a while. Eventually, Nate LaChance said, he showed his father the website, and the senior LaChance accepted what his son did for work.

A check on archenemys website, where merchandise is for sale, shows several Playboy magazine-style poses, but no nudity.

There is a fashion show featuring latex dresses, which appear hot in both senses, starting at 8:00 p.m. Live photo shoots of models will take place in the on-site studio, and the public is invited to watch and to meet models, Carrie LaChance said.

By Steve Cartwright - Kennebec Journal
April 6, 2007

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